About Us

Vita Obscura is a mythic raiding guild on the Caelestrasz/Nagrand server.
During Warlords of Draenor, we completed full mythic clears for Highmaul, Blackrock Foundry and Hellfire Citadel, achieving realm first Mythic Archimonde.

As a guild we push hard for raid progression during a limited 9hr/week raid window; as individuals we strive to play our characters to their full potential, staying abreast of the most competitive specs and item builds. We are proud of the low turnover within Vita Obscura and when we seek to recruit we value loyal members who wish to build their ‘home’ within our guild.

In Legion, Vita Obscura continues to compete at a high level. We don’t expect world firsts, but we do believe there is always improvement to be made, and always push ourselves toward new progression targets. Our members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner while in guild raids as well as during out of guild activities.

Our raid times areĀ 8pm-11pm Server Time (AEST) with raid invites from 730pm
Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday.
During progression, raids may be extended by 30mins if near to boss kills.

To contact us in game, please use the information below:

Guild Master
Lori – Lori#1578
Vrosk – Vrosk#1806
Tulareas – Tula#1654
Darthgrim – Grim#1848